Red Present Box Color Palette

 Red Present Box  Color Palette

This Red Present Box Color Palette picture has 18 main colors. The main color names are; Light Petite Pink, Snowflake, Silver Strawberry, Quartz Pink, Muskmelon, Arcade Fire, Sefid White, Hazelnut Milk, Vermilion Bird, Redbox, Pink Clay Pot, Pasadena Rose, Hemoglobin Red, Arterial Blood Red, Opal Flame, Dwarven Bronze, We Peep, Rhinoceros Beetle. You can use this color scheme to create a beautiful color combination for your project design.

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Red Present Box Color Palette

#f0d8d8rgb (240, 216, 216)Light Petite Pink
#f0f0f0rgb (240, 240, 240)Snowflake
#f0c0c0rgb (240, 192, 192)Silver Strawberry
#f0a8a8rgb (240, 168, 168)Quartz Pink
#f09060rgb (240, 144, 96)Muskmelon
#f03018rgb (240, 48, 24)Arcade Fire
#fff0f0rgb (255, 240, 240)Sefid White
#f0a878rgb (240, 168, 120)Hazelnut Milk
#f04830rgb (240, 72, 48)Vermilion Bird
#903030rgb (144, 48, 48)Redbox
#d89090rgb (216, 144, 144)Pink Clay Pot
#a84848rgb (168, 72, 72)Pasadena Rose
#c01818rgb (192, 24, 24)Hemoglobin Red
#781818rgb (120, 24, 24)Arterial Blood Red
#f06048rgb (240, 96, 72)Opal Flame
#c06030rgb (192, 96, 48)Dwarven Bronze
#ffd8d8rgb (255, 216, 216)We Peep
#480018rgb (72, 0, 24)Rhinoceros Beetle