Floating Bubbles Color Palette

 Floating Bubbles Color Palette16085356

This Floating Bubbles Color Palette picture has 15 main colors. The main color names are; Black, Black Glaze, Daintree, Deep into the Jungle, Emerald Stone, Buzzards Bay, Dwarf Fortress, Cocobolo, Jade Orchid, Blue Curacao, Jelly Bean, Antique Garnet, Old Lavender, Deck Crew, Turquoise Surf. You can use this color scheme to create a beautiful color combination for your project design.

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Floating Bubbles Color Palette

#000000rgb (0, 0, 0)Black
#001818rgb (0, 24, 24)Black Glaze
#003030rgb (0, 48, 48)Daintree
#004848rgb (0, 72, 72)Deep into the Jungle
#006060rgb (0, 96, 96)Emerald Stone
#007878rgb (0, 120, 120)Buzzards Bay
#180000rgb (24, 0, 0)Dwarf Fortress
#784848rgb (120, 72, 72)Cocobolo
#00a8a8rgb (0, 168, 168)Jade Orchid
#30c0d8rgb (48, 192, 216)Blue Curacao
#487890rgb (72, 120, 144)Jelly Bean
#906060rgb (144, 96, 96)Antique Garnet
#786078rgb (120, 96, 120)Old Lavender
#6078a8rgb (96, 120, 168)Deck Crew
#00c0d8rgb (0, 192, 216)Turquoise Surf